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Goshuincho(Japanese Stampbook) Making and Photo Printing Course

Let's try making Japanese traditional paper named Nishijima Washi


Japanese paper named NishijimaWashi making experience -NishijimaWashi drying experience -Ink sinking experience on NishijimaWashi and make a Goshuincho -NishijimaWashi for your photos making experience

Tour Time
About 5 hours
The meeting place
Kawaguchiko station
Departure time
12:30 p.m.
Minimum Event
4 people
Maximum Event
8 people
Tour conductor
With tour guide
Total Tour Price
US $ 200+tax per person
Experience charge and taxi fee are included
Photo printing papers consist of 2 sheets of A4. The paper you made can be sent to your country, but shipping charges are not included.
Day off
Weekends and Holidays

Treasure Tourism Original Course

Lamp Making

Paste Japanese paper on the lamp shaped like the Mount Fuji

Tour Time
45 min additionally
Total Tour Price
US $ 260 per person

Small lantern Making

Paint or print your photo on a small lantern.

Tour Time
Another 30 min.
Total Tour Price
US $ 230 per person
*Treasure Tourism Original Course is an optional course and cannot be accepted separately.
*Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary